New beginnings


Hi, my name is Kelvin Jang, Korean name is Juwon Jang.

1) Greatest gain or inspiration from English class last semester

It motivated me to study English harder than before

2) Personally, the most challenging aspect of last semester’s Englsh class

Speaking and Writing

3) Key hope/desire for improvement from this semester’s English class

I want this class fun and good and I sincerely hope that I can improve my English skills, especially Writing and Speaking, cause I am poor at these things.

4) Current affairs: Your gravest concern when considering the news?

Nuclear problems in North Korea.

5) Most urgent issue of disequilibrium you would like to address/resolve?

I would like to alleviate the problems of the nuclear system in N.K.

6) Question, Comment, Or Suggestion for me

Nothing but it’s gonna be fun

7) Today’s brief letter or diary entry to your children’s children (70 years later)

Live present. neither past nor future

8) a) Explain the meaning of your name (Hanja and Hangul characters: and English translations)… b) Narative: where did

your name come from? who gave you your name; c) on the back of this sheet write a short poem with the title being the translation of the meaning of your name

a) Jang(張) means sharing or having mercy. Ju(株) means the root. Won(源) means the same as Ju(the root or source)

So the meaning of my name is to be a root of all the creatures. And then after becoming the root, sharing all my things and doing a kindness.

b)Hm.. I have already changed my name for 2 times. One of the reason is that I had a leukemia right after I changed my name. My original name is yong hwa, but I changed my name to IL kyung, But the result was terrible. Soon I caught the disease ,leukemia, occured to me. Anyway after it, I finally changed my name to Ju won. So this is the reason why my name is Juwon (I was given my name from the shaman)

c) The title : Be the merciful person

Don’t hesitate to share your precious things.

Money is not the only one of mine.

Don’t regard it as a begrudging thing.

The most sorrowful thing is hesitating to share my things.

Be the merciful person.

It will make your life fertile.

Be the merciful person.

It will make our lives blissful.

Be the merciful person

It will make all our lives invaluable.

*Sorry Mr.Johnson! I lost my paper sheet, so while I was writing, I really thought carefully. If there are any grammatical errors, Please point out me… Thanks for reading my free-response questions!!


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