My opinion about the joint military exercise

I strongly agree with the joint military exercise. Most Koreans oppose to it because they think the military exercise causes tension between two Koreas. Actually, however, the main reason is not the joint military exercise. I think annoyed with our claiming to stop launching the missiles. Maybe N.K. have already known that they can’t victory in the war.  I’ll support my opinion by comparing the military power between two Koreas. military exercise

∧This link introduce the comparison between N.K. and R.O.K. As we know, U.S. and R.O.K. have been maintaining the alliance. There are more tanks, navies, and missiles in N.K. than in R.O.K. But the number of military capabilities is not important. The important thing is quality, not quantity. I think NK just resist as they launch the missiles because they worried about being defeated in the war. So they just launch the missiles.


hmm… I don’t agree with your opinion. You have to consider all the possibilities. ex) US may not engage in Korean war.

Very good essay! But suggest me specific reasons and facts.


Maybe you don’t agree with it.. but, our weapons have been ones of the most powerful(!) weapons.

specific reasons… I can explain it by the above link.


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