Terrorism in the Middle East

The most serious topic to be dealt with is ‘Terrorism in the Middle East’ I have already discussed this topic in the 7th annual CSIAMUN, but I’m not satisfied with the results. So I would like to discuss this topic again in this class. Being the most serious problem, terrorism occurs in everywhere in the Middle East.

The islamic terrorists ,such as Isis, have destroyed artifacts and threatened the whole world. They execute the innocent people. Recently two Japanese were killed by the isis. We have to eradicate this problem in order to prevent the terrorism. Most people in the world strongly suggest that Isis should be eliminated by military force. But I think violence is not the only method we can solve this problem.

Therefore by discussing this topic, I sincerely hope to got to a solution in this problem. The terrorism of Isis is related with the world problem so It may be able to cause the world war again as they gather more and more mercenaries and weapons. So we must resolve this problem before the Isis enlarge their scale.

http://banoosh.tv/isis-destroyed-the-historic-monuments-in-mosul-museum/Isis monuments

execution by isis



Need your opinion

Explain us how you can resolve this problem

Read your essay again after you write

Interesting introduction about the topic!

Need more details in solution

                                                                           reply to these comments

I’m going to introduce you how to resolve this problem in the research paper; not in this blog.

yes… it’s right that I pay no attention to write an essay in these days, but I’ll do my best in writing my research paper.                                                                                       

                                                                               Parents’ comment

 Hmm, you depicted ‘isis’ pretty well, but I want to know how you can alleviate this problem.

I hope there will be well-organized resolution in your research paper, my son.


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