debate script

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, the motion for our debate is that Human development is harmful for our society. As the deputy leader of opposition, I believe that this statement is false. According to the government,                                          . So now, I would like rebut the arguments stated by the government.

The second affirmative speaker has tried to tell you that                                      . but we opposition team believe that this is a wrong statement because

So opinion of the government cannot be established.

Our first speaker has already stated that human development causes extreme longevity, which can increase productivity of work which is most effective in developing countries such as countries in Africa.

Today, I’ll state other arguments which can support that human development is beneficial to society. My first argument is that cyborg can save someone’s lives. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to cite the movie, Robocop. This movie is effectively explaining that human enhancement is beneficial to society. Robocop, the cyborg, has a bullet proof body, enhanced robotic muscles, and helmet which is equipped with digital scope. Therefore Robocop or any other cyborgs can complete the missions such as throwing their bodies into fire, exchanging gun fire with criminals or going underwater so as to rescue the people without being dead.

Now to my second point. I’m going to support the argument stated by our first speaker. Ladies and gentlemen we have to think about the reason that we die when we are old. If we are getting older, ability of our body to produce new cells will degenerate. But if we do human development, we can transplant super cells into our body. if our body clones these cells, we can live longer.

So ladies and Gentlemen, in conclusion, human development causes the increase of life time and decreases the death rate, and these things can make our productivity increase which has been mentioned by our first speaker. Isn’t it beneficial for our society? So ladies and gentlemen we opposition team must take a victory. Thank you.


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