How to persuade someone by conversation; not using any kind of violence

Most people don’t know how to persuade other person by conversation not using any kind of violence. In this essay I’m going to explain the introduction of this topic. In the case of school, if we do something bad for the first time, teacher will solve it by conversation. But as the accidents go on and on, teachers will realize that conversation is not a good way; not considering their conversation skills. Eventually, they may use violence. But it only aggravates this situation and runs parallel line. So this is the most serious problem I think, therefore I’m going to approach to this problem by using psychology.

One of the psychological theories is Amplification Hypothesis. It explains that when you express certainty a particular attitude, that attitude hardens. The opposite is true as well: Expressing uncertainty softens the attitude. Like this theory, I’m going to find out other examples which can support my topic.

So everything that I’m doing is changing the world. I want better future where violence doesn’t exist. I will try my best to accomplish my goal, and this semester will be a first step to get closer to my goal. Thank you.

conversation image

source :

Annotated bibliography

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Peer Review of your current blog entry

Peer one’s name : Jongwoon Bae

  1. Do you have any experience about your topic

2) What do you think which solution is best one

3) Any violation is bad in 21century society?

4) What happen people use violation for persuade someone?

5) How do you councel people?

Peer two’s name

  1. Have you ever persuade someone peacefully?
  2. What way do you think is most peaceful to persuade someone?
  3. is there some related articles for your topic?
  4. is there person who persuaded someone
  5. why violence is improper way to persuade someone?

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