midterm essay

I’m going to write about ‘How to persuade someone by conversation’ in this paper. We’ve been facing a lot of conflicts with other people due to different ideas of each other. One of the most representative examples is the conflict between teacher and student, so I am going to deal with it. Before starting to write this essay, I would like to say ‘there is no clear resolution because we cannot experiment to figure out which is better resolution between violent method and peaceful method.’

Many teachers in Korea teach students by violent methods such as punishment, abusing and hitting. Most students, however, as they are  disciplined by the violent methods, don’t even try to improve themselves. While being hit, they just think ‘This moment will pass soon’. For this reason, this situation is serious.

Other teachers, however, try to educate bad students peacefully. They don’t even use bad words, sticks, and punishment, in fact, this method may spend too much time to alleviate the situation, but after that moment the students are going to improve themselves. i think this is how we can solve this problem, and many psychologists also agree with peaceful method.

But some people may state that the stick is the most suitable way to punish the bad people or students. Even they can say peaceful word is not effective to solve these circumstances immediately. i would like to say that we have to be patient. Maybe we can expect prompt result when we use violence, but as the time goes on and on, we can expect more positive result when we use peaceful way.

To sum up, I sincerely hope that persuading someone by conversation is more effective than using the violence because we have 情. I really want to take a chance to experiment so as to figure out which is the better resolution. It is true that there is no clear resolution right now, but if i experiment something that we can know which is the better one immediately, and i’ll apply it to real life in order to change the world. Thank you.

stop violence


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