Before starting to write it, I sincerely apologize for being late to everyone. My laptop was broken 3 weeks ago and it took about 15 weeks to repair it. Fortunately, I saved contents of the interview in my phone so I can write it; not inventing.

I met Yeojin in Gwang ju during 추석 so I asked 김여진 that ‘Is it possible to persuade people when we only use conversation?’ then she just replied ‘No. Violence is the best way in persuading someone.’


Q 1.Why do you think that violence is the best way?

A 1.As you have gone through school life, it is too difficult for teachers to persuade juvenile students when they just use conversation. When they use canes, however, they can change the students not to do bad things though it is temporary.

Q 2.But a lot of ethical problems happen when we use violence. What is the best way to deal with them?

A 2.Consensus between students and teachers. Generally speaking, school parents protest against the school violence so if you write something like memorandum, they can do nothing.

school punishment


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