Presentation on Brave New World(Chapter 5)

Brave New World

I analyzed the part 5 of chapter 5 in ‘Brave New World’ and I was very interested in contagion of acts when I was analyzing it. Well as my dream is to be a psychologist, this phenomena made me excited. One girl shouted “He’s coming” (Actually i don’t know about the previous contents) and other people started to mimic her. Finally, Bernard also did it but actually he heard nothing and didn’t feel somebody was coming. He became one of them, however, danced and sang together, and this is my part.

I think keyword is consummation of solidarity and it means completion of bond(harmony). Reason i chose this word is that they sang together while being in harmony.

And key quote is ‘ He’s coming’ because every situation began with this sentence. This sentence is the beginning.

There is no key conflict.

And my debatable topic is ‘Do we have to mimic other people though nothing happens?’

Thank you for reading my essay


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